5 Tips for a well prepared and successful couple photoshoot

A couple photo session is a wonderful way to capture a moment of complicity, whether you are a young couple who wants to crystallize his nascent love, a bride and a groom-to-be looking for original photos for their wedding invitations, or wish to train before the photoshoot on the D-Day, or if you want to immortalize your marriage proposal, celebrate a dating or wedding anniversary or simply to share a good time. 

Ready for the romantic getaway? We now only have a final question to clear up!  How to choose your outfit for a loveshoot? Here are a few tips to prepare for your session!


1- Choose comfortable and practical clothes.


Of course, you can wear anything you like! It can be a casual, chic, glamorous or formal outfit, it can be your preferred pair of jeans, a suit, a wedding dress or a tuxedo, etc.. as long as it is comfortable for you to wear and it reflects your personality!

If you are going to walk a bit between different locations, think about a spare backup pair of comfortable shoes.


2- Coordinate, but do not match colors.


Coordinating is far better than matching. You can reach a cohesive look without wearing the exact same outfit with the very same matching colors. 

Instead, determine a color scheme; by choosing tones that complement each other, the images will indeed have a more harmonious and natural look. 

To do so you can select two main colors and then add softer tones to accentuate and complete your color palette. 

Also avoid too vivid/flashy colors as well as entirely white clothes items, as they often do not give a nice render. If you have to make a choice, pastel colors, neutral toning, earthly tones can never go wrong!

A great source of inspiration and help to coordinate colors can be found on Pinterest, you can also use this tool.

On location lifestyle couple portrait photoshoot Amsterdam

3- Pick out accessories to add style and texture to your pictures.


Adding accessories to your individual outfits, like a scarf, belt or a hat, for example, will bring variety to your shots but also strengthen the united and harmonious aspect of the images. 

For example, if one of you is wearing a blue and white tartan shirt, your other half can add a scarf with the same pattern to her/his outfit to create a more cohesive feeling

Also, think about coordinated umbrellas if your session takes place on a rainy day, it will pimp and color up your photos!

on location couple portrait photoshoot Loveshoot fotosessie Amsterdam gay

4- Avoid busy and distracting patterns and large logos


Clothes with disparate patterns or large logos can lead to inconsistent results and be quite disturbing. Heavy prints and abstract patterns can overpower your pictures. Avoid patterns that clash. You can, of course, however, choose one pattern element. In this case, again, please prefer soft tones.

For example, a beige outfit with pastel-blue prints for one person and a plain shirt in the same tone for the other.



5 – Take the session location into consideration.


Another helpful point to consider when choosing your outfits is the location of your photoshoot.

Will it be in a park with a lot of shades of green, in the old city center of Amsterdam with a lot of brown and orange tones, in an urban modern neighborhood with a lot of vibrant graffiti, on the beach where there are plenty of neutral tones?

Pick a color scheme that will complement the background and not be discordant with the surrounding colors, but be careful not to fade in.

But most importantly, already have some fun styling your outfit and let your personality shine!

Wedding photography on location couple portrait photoshoot Loveshoot fotosessie Amsterdam wedding bruiloft
on location couple portrait photoshoot Loveshoot fotosessie Amsterdam wedding bruiloft
Wedding photography on location couple portrait photoshoot Loveshoot fotosessie Amsterdam wedding bruiloft

Are you planning a couple photoshoot in Amsterdam?

Here you can also find information about Amsterdam hotspots and a few tips to prepare your photo session and capture your best memories!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me!

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