Your guide to the best photos in Amsterdam!

Whether it is for a family session, a vacation photo session, a solo, or a romantic couple photoshoot, you probably want to profit from the most photogenic spots. Whether it is to bring some nice memories back home, celebrate a special occasion, a bachelorette party, there are many beautiful and photogenic locations in Amsterdam!

However, some may be quite crowded and therefore not very comfortable and easy to use for a portrait session. The last thing you want is a crowd around and particularly in the background.

But using the right locations at the right time will offer the opportunity to have a nice and fun family shoot or a romantic couple session.

1- The best time frame


With regards to the timing. Choose preferably a time frame in the early morning after sunrise or evening/late afternoon before sunset.

There are indeed two important useful pieces of advice to keep in mind for the best experience: the light and the frequentation.

Particularly during the summer, the city tends to be quite crowded during the day.

If the weather is sunny, the light is really too harsh and unflattering. This leads to a strong shadow and shiny skin, which is something you don’t want.

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The best tip for a successful photoshoot in Amsterdam is to choose the right timing. In the event it is a nice sunny day, it is recommended to start shooting in the morning when the sun is coming up, or in the afternoon, a bit before the golden hour. This will give your photo a nice soft natural light.

Hard sunlight is amplified by its reflection on the water of the canals and the numerous windows of the surrounding buildings, which is something you don’t want when doing a photoshoot in Amsterdam.

These tips can be followed when capturing portraits but also when shooting landscapes, in Amsterdam but also everywhere else in the world!

Of course, if the sky is cloudy, this would not apply. However outside rush hours are always better to avoid the crowd!

2 – The best spots


Here are a few very nice and cozy locations:

The Brouwersgracht is an Amsterdam canal that connects the Singel with the Singelgracht. The canal marks the northwestern boundary of the ring of canals.

Not only Brouwersgracht is a beautiful area to wander around, but it also offers a lot of different photogenic spots and backgrounds.

From Papiermolensluis you can continue on Prinsengracht, one of the most well-known canals in Amsterdam, the third and outermost of the three main canals of Amsterdam.

Prinsensluis and Leliessluis are typical bridges offering a picturesque background with typical Dutch gable houses and the Westerkerk tower.

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Prinsengracht also offers many hidden gems.

To find them, make small detours and pay a visit to the little side streets and perpendicular canals aside.

The Reguliersgracht, literally the “regular Canal”, is a charming and bucolic canal bordered by trees and punctuated by lovely bridges which offers a great perspective in the background

NDSM Wharf is a former shipyard located on the banks of the River IJ in Amsterdam Noord. This spot is the perfect playground for a creative and urban family photoshoot or a solo session, but also a romantic couple or wedding photoshoot!

It also offers trendy cafes and terraces for a small briefing with your professional photographer before your photoshoot or a nice break after your session.

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Huwelijk Kim & Martijn 28 september 2018 - Melanie Lemahieu (268)-2
Solo Photoshoot NDSM young lady in front of colorful grafitis

3 – The best season


There is not any preferred season to shoot beautiful portraits or landscape photos, each season has its special light and atmosphere.

And Amsterdam is also beautiful when the sun is not shining! For example with an overcast sky and even under the rain you can have a beautiful photoshoot in Amsterdam. Particularly in the autumn and the winter!

A romantic or dreamy winter light will also lead, to an outstanding result. Sometimes as beautiful, if not more, than photos shot during spring or summer. Fog is also very photogenic!

Bachelorette party photoshoot Amsterdam session photo EVJF
Bachelorette party photoshoot Amsterdam session photo EVJF