Terms & Conditions Private Photography Services


The following general terms and conditions apply to the photography services of Melanie Lemahieu Photography. When making a booking, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions below.


Details Photographer

Website | www.melanielemahieu.com

Chamber of Commerce kvk nummer | 58081720

VAT | NL002442606B20


Article 1: Photographer

Melanie Lemahieu Photography will take care of the photo reportage with professional and spare equipment. Melanie Lemahieu Photography will be present at the locations on time and will not leave earlier than agreed.


Article 2: Execution of the assignment

  1. Melanie Lemahieu Photography will carry out the assignment to the best of her knowledge and ability with the requirements of good workmanship, in the style in which she usually works. Melanie Lemahieu Photography does not guarantee the creation of specific images. The result of the final photo report is constituted of a combination of location, weather, styling, time allocated with the customer, whether a videographer or bystanders are present.


Article 3: Quotation / Deposit

  1. Melanie Lemahieu Photography asks for a down payment corresponding to half of the agreed fee upon booking. This deposit must be paid within 14 days after sending the invoice. The booking will only be finalized after payment of the deposit and the signing of the quotation. If you want to purchase more hours later, that is possible, keep in mind that the quotation amount will of course also change.
  2. If the down payment has not yet been made after this date, the assignment can be declared dissolved.


Article 4: Payment terms

  1. All amounts include VAT unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Melanie Lemahieu Photography will send the amount due by invoice to the client.


Article 5: Products and delivery

  1. The post-processing starts after payment of the final invoice. After delivery of the photos, 5 changes from color to black and white or vice versa are included free of charge. The final selection is final
  2. The invoice will be sent together with a small preview. The entire series of photos will only be sent when full payment has been completed.
  3. Melanie Lemahieu Photography delivers the number of photos that have been agreed upon in the contract. At least 40 per hour of photography.
  4. Melanie Lemahieu Photography delivers files digitally.
  5. Melanie Lemahieu Photography does not deliver RAW files to the client or to third parties.
  6. An estimated delivery time of minimum 6 working days applies. This may vary depending on the duration of the photoshoot.
  7. Melanie Lemahieu Photography selects the best photos and edits them in her own style in color or black and white at her discretion.


Article 6: Copyright and privacy

  1. The copyright of the photos always remains with Melanie Lemahieu Photography.
  2. The photos may be used privately by the customer. The photos may be used to make as many prints as desired, post them on social media and personal websites, and share them with family and friends as long as they are not for sale. The photos may be copied and provided to direct acquaintances and family members. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom that the images are not used for commercial purposes by these acquaintances and relatives. Commercial use of the photos is not permitted without Melanie Lemahieu Photography’s permission. If in doubt about the use, please contact the photographer.
  3. Credit: The photos do not have a watermark, but credit must be mentioned for online use: www.melanielemahieu.com or tagging Melanie Lemahieu Photography
  4. Melanie Lemahieu Photography will under no circumstances disclose or pass on personal information to third parties.
  5. It is not allowed to make and share print screens. Only the original file as supplied. It is not permitted to apply further edits on the photos after delivery. The customer or a third party should not alter the photographer’s editing and modify the photos on his/her own. This is to preserve and protect the quality of Melanie Lemahieu Photography’s work.



Article 7: Cancellation and suspension

  1. Cancellation is possible up to 3 months before the execution date. The deposit amount of €250 will not be refunded. This amount will cover the costs already incurred while working on the preparation of your photoshoot.

Orders cancelled between 1-3 months will be charged 50% of the agreed fee, and orders cancelled within 1 month before the execution date will be charged 75% of the agreed fee.

  1. If an invoice is not paid within the payment term, Melanie Lemahieu Photography can, after the client has been informed, suspend all its activities for the client until the amount of the invoice has been paid.
  2. Special clause Corona: if your event cannot be held as planned because of Corona measures or another pandemic, we can look for a new date in good consultation and I will be happy to move it with you.


Article 8: Illness

  1. In the event of serious circumstances or illness preventing Melanie Lemahieu Photography from carrying out the mission herself on the agreed date, she will send a photographer working in the same style as her. Or, if desired, refund the total amount paid.


Article 9: Portrait right / Use of the photos

  1. Melanie Lemahieu Photography reserves the right to use the images for its own promotional purposes and publications, including the website and weblog, portfolio, social media, and in printed matter.
  2. If the customer prefers the photos not to be used, this must be stated by e-mail or in writing before


Article 10: Amendments to these general terms and conditions

  1. Melanie Lemahieu Photography reserves the right to change or supplement these general terms and conditions.
  2. Changes will be communicated to the customer in a timely manner by Melanie Lemahieu Photography.