15 posing tips to get the most of your bachelorette photoshoot!

Amsterdam is a great location to plan your bachelor or bachelorette party, with plenty of great spots to have fun!

One of the many fun activities you have to make sure you plan during your bachelorette weekend in Amsterdam is a photo session.

It is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your friends, have fun in a beautiful city and bring priceless memories back home!

But what does a photo session look like and above all, what pose to take?


Here are 15 posing ideas for a successful and fun bachelorette photoshoot in Amsterdam!

1. Point at the camera

2. Everybody jump!

3. Everyone in one line with legs crossed

4. Throw the bouquet

5. Inline, back to the camera, except the bride who turns around

6. Grab some balloons

7. Lift the bride-to-be

8. Bride-to-be in front

9. From above

10. Dance!

11. Hug

12. Throw confetti’s or leaves

13. On a bridge

14. Grab a bike

15. Feet only


you will also find a few tips to help you organize your stag or hen  party photo session here

And if you would like me to help you capture your bachelor / bachelorette party, you can reach out to me to discuss the possible options!