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Case study: festival and cultural event photography at Muiderslot

Muiderslot garden festivals from a photographer’s perspective – Melanie Lemahieu Muiderslot is a beautiful medieval castle located in Muiden, about 15 kilometers southeast of Amsterdam. It is worth the visit! It is a real fairytale-like castle with 4 towers, full … Read More

Case study: Event photography at CES Unveiled

Capturing the essence of the most influential tech event in the world CES Unveiled is a series of events produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) ®, the main event is held annually in Las Vegas. But the key players … Read More

The reason why it is a great timing to treat yourself to an outdoor photoshoot!

Why is it a perfect timing to plan an outdoor photo session? In these times of pandemic, with the anti-Covid measures we need to respect, there are fewer ways than usual to have fun, to escape, and to spend quality … Read More

How to capture the best party pictures?

Parties are an ideal time when your family and/or your friends are all gathered and having fun. If you are a company, a privileged moment where your employees, partners and clients are spending a good time, a moment and an … Read More

8 tips to capture creative and powerful photos of your live artistic, dance or theater performance

Photos of a live artistic performance must be as elegant, energetic and dramatic as the act and the artists who are bringing this performance to life. Dance or theatre photography is both a visual feast and a study of movement, … Read More

Ultimate Preparation and Posing Guide to a Successful and Romantic Couple Photo Session

This guide will help you to prepare for your romantic couple photo session, get the most out of your time together and capture outstanding photos in Amsterdam. You will find tips on what to wear, how to select and coordinate … Read More

Preparation and Posing Guide to a Successful, Outstanding and Fun Family Photo Session

This guide will help you to prepare for your family portrait photoshoot, get the most out of your time together and capture outstanding photos in Amsterdam. You will find tips on what to wear, how to select and coordinate colors … Read More

Interview with Melanie Lemahieu

How did you start your business in photography in the first place?   My father was an amateur photographer, I have learned analog photography on the fly, helping my father to process photos in the darkroom. When digital photography started … Read More

15 posing tips to get the most of your bachelorette photoshoot!

Amsterdam is a great location to plan your bachelor or bachelorette party, with plenty of great spots to have fun! One of the many fun activities you have to make sure you plan during your bachelorette weekend in Amsterdam is … Read More

What are the best ways to capture my bachelorette party on camera?

A bachelorette party photoshoot is a perfect way to have fun with your friends and capture unforgettable memories! Here are 5 tips for a successful and fun bachelorette photoshoot. 1- Coordinate your outfits The key to successful photos is to … Read More

How to get the successful business portrait you deserve!

Having modern and professional business portrait on your website or your online social media profile as LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get noticed and find the success you’re looking for. Investing in corporate headshots will help you … Read More

3 useful tips for a successful onsite food & lifestyle restaurant photoshoot

The demand for quality food photography has exploded in recent years. Restaurant culture is booming and visual platforms like Instagram are an essential part of the dining experience. Commercial food photoshoots were traditionally performed in a studio using high-tech facilities, … Read More

5 photography hotspots in Amsterdam

Whereas you are visiting Amsterdam and want to bring beautiful photos back home thanks to a vacation photoshoot, you are newlyweds on your honeymoon and want to fix a moment together in time or want to spend quality time with … Read More

4 tips to get the most of your on location corporate lifestyle photography session and showcase your brand

Having a personal image bank of your brand and your business is primordial. Professional lifestyle branded images are essential instruments, they are versatile assets that you will need to strengthen your online presence, to communicate and interact with your clients … Read More

5 photography tips to highlight your event

1- Think about how you plan to use your photos and prepare a shot list and briefing for your photographer   Before the event, consider how you plan on using your images and prepare a list of photos you want … Read More

5 reasons to hire a professional photographer

You need to document your event, represent your brand, capture a special day, immortalize your wedding, or snap some family portraits, but when it comes to finding a photographer it is tempting to spend less time and money and ask … Read More